A one way trip…

You were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord.”— Ephesians 5:8

I was saved when I was ten. So I knew God was with me. I never doubted that. I prayed everyday for a miracle and a way out. The abuse with my ex lasted ten years and looking back I now see why. But, God didn’t leave me. He had a plan for me. I was scared and didn’t listen until it was almost to late. That week before I was able to escape I dreamed what would happen if I didn’t go. I could see my babies crying for me from the earth as I was saying goodbye to them. It was very emotional and I woke up in a panic and crying. I felt that urgency from the holy spirit telling me , he would kill me soon. I didn’t want my babies left without me. So I made an escape plan quickly that week. I finally decided to be afraid of God and not a man. What could man do to me. If I died I would at least know where I would be. I feared him way to long and wasted yet another year. I finally put my whole trust in God. I literally told God okay, keep us safe and we will try and escape. We left on foot because I didn’t have a car. We never looked back since. The Lord provided ever since that day. It was really amazing to see the steps and how he provided for us. We were able to get a ride one place to our destination of a women’s shelter. Finally at peace but a long road ahead we had to go.

3 responses to “A one way trip…”

  1. I had no idea what you’v been through! You can minister to so many who are or have experienced abuse.


  2. You know I cannot help but feel Kathy here is not being completely honest with her listeners. She leaves out the part where she was the one CHEATING on me, and as for abuse, which i do not talk down one bit, but as to the abuse, I must ask, how many times were you admitted to a hospital? Or how many broken limbs did you get over those 10 years? I’m sure women who have been actually abused can tell you the answer to these simple questions, but you continue on as you wish. There seems to be a few who will buy into anything spoken by ones without souls… good luck in your continued “journey”, best wishes. I get a good laugh or two at these posts.


    1. And this is what an abuser sounds like. Even though I never cheated, his paranoid self among other issues always would threaten and accuse someone regardless. I remember if I would even put makeup on, I was apparently cheating. So you could imagine. People who have been abused can speak to this. Hopeful this blog will help others see that they arent the only one going through this.


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