The rubber band bracelet

When I was in class one day, we got to go to a lab where they had cadavers to work on. It was being able to practice intubation and other things. Well, as I was washing my hands afterwards I realized a very powerful lesson. I noticed I had my bracelets on ,which I wear everywhere, and I was concerned with what I got on them. I started to scrub them and then thought I better throw them away. Well I did and then something dawned on me. Does Jesus throw us away when we get dirt on us? Does He just say oh well I can get more bracelets. Well I thought I would just replace them with new ones. When Jesus gets a hold of us and we are full of dirt, He doesn’t throw us away, He cleans us and wipes us clean. We are the same but clean in His eyes. What would happen if we didn’t have that chance and just got thrown away each time we did something wrong. There would be no one left. We aren’t perfect by any means. Thank the Lord He loves us enough to just cleanse us and keep us close. When you see a dirty rag or dirty rubber band bracelet just remember , it washes clean. Jesus is in the business of cleaning and renewing things. He restores us!

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